Life Isn’t Always As Perfect As It Seems… Let’s Take Off Our Masks and Get Real!

Welcome! It's Nice to See You!Welcome to this week's blog post! There's a truth that's been weighing on my heart to discuss with you all that I hope can be an eye-opener and give some hope to you... Being a Christian doesn't guarantee a perfect, easy-breezy life! Want to know more about what I mean?... Continue Reading →


Stop Pointing Your Finger and Take a Look in the Mirror: Are You Loving the Right Way?

Two Sundays ago I was sitting in church listening to my pastor give an awesome sermon as usual. I was enjoying every single bit of it, until I got my toes stepped on... Like I said in last week's blog post, God is never done working on my heart and revealing new things to me!... Continue Reading →

Flirting With Sin

Have you ever had a boy or girl that you were interested in that you slowly started talking to? Talking turned into flirting, flirting turned into a relationship, and a relationship turned into a massive heartbreak. A person who was once so insignificant in your life that you initially started off just flirting with somehow... Continue Reading →

Get Out of Your FEELINGS!

This week's blog post's title seems pretty blunt and harsh, I know. We are about to have some real talk today my friends, so brace yourselves. Living in our feelingsI believe that we live in a world that lives in its feelings. We feel this or we feel that, and our feelings dictate our lives.... Continue Reading →

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