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Dealing with Insecurity

There are only a handful of things that feel worse to a girl than looking in the mirror and only seeing a thousand different things to pick apart and hate. I used to never be this way. When did looking in the mirror start to cause me so much grief? I'm writing this post at... Continue Reading →

Satan Is NOT Your Friend

The truth is that Satan HATES you. Satan makes sinning seem like so much fun that we forget that we even have an enemy that we are fighting. That is how he succeeds in destroying our lives.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Let me set the scene here. It’s almost midnight. You’re exhausted both physically and mentally. You can’t even keep your eyes open. You long to fall asleep, but your mind is wide awake. Instead of falling into a much needed slumber, your mind is consumed with worrisome thoughts about every little and big thing in... Continue Reading →

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