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God WANTS & LOVES You!!! He’s Calling YOU Home TODAY!!!

Welcome 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hi, thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad to have you here reading this week's blog post! I pray that God will move in your heart as He always does mine! I Found One of My New Favorite Passages! During my quiet time with God earlier this week, this passage really... Continue Reading →

Stop Soul-Searching and Start Jesus-Searching! Who Are You When Life Gets Shaky?

Welcome Back Sweet Friends 🙂 Who am I whenever everything isn't going my way? Do I remain a faithful Christian? Do I remain a joyful Christian? Or do I become a luke-warm Christian? Do I start to waiver in my faith and trust? Who are you whenever life gets a little shaky? Hey everyone! Welcome!!!... Continue Reading →

Flirting With Sin

Have you ever had a boy or girl that you were interested in that you slowly started talking to? Talking turned into flirting, flirting turned into a relationship, and a relationship turned into a massive heartbreak. A person who was once so insignificant in your life that you initially started off just flirting with somehow... Continue Reading →

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