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Dealing with Insecurity

There are only a handful of things that feel worse to a girl than looking in the mirror and only seeing a thousand different things to pick apart and hate. I used to never be this way. When did looking in the mirror start to cause me so much grief?

I’m writing this post at 12 AM because I know I am not the only one stuck in what feels like an endless cycle of self-hatered. I’ve felt so defeated lately. Chances are, you probably have too. However, there is hope to be had. The good news is that Jesus has made a way for you and me. Sweet girl, we do not have to stay in this cycle of defeat and self-hatered.

Where is your focus?

When I was reflecting on the poor state of mind that I have been stuck in lately, God gave me a tough pill to swallow. He simply revealed to me that my focus was all wrong. That’s when some spiritual lightbulbs began to turn on. Instead of focusing on God and His purpose for my life, I have been so focused on me, me, me. No wonder I’ve been feeling like total crap.

In a way, I’ve been like the disciple Peter. Peter sank when he tried to walk on water because he took his focus off of Jesus and placed it on the storm around him ( Matthew 14:22-33 ). Aren’t we guilty of the same thing when we are constantly wrapped up in something as trivial as our appearance instead of being wrapped up in Jesus? Of course we are going to feel overcome by a storm of negative thoughts and feelings of unworthiness. Our focus is simply all wrong!

Time to Refocus

It’s really not surprising to me that the answer to such a major issue in society is Jesus. We can save ourselves so much grief by making God our number one focus in life. I’m not saying that all of your insecurities will magically disappear. However, when God is your number one priority in life, ALL of the things of this word seem a whole lot less important. The more you pursue Jesus, the less you care about what the world thinks. I challenge you to take one simple step today. Take one simple step towards God and allow Him to break the chains of self-hate and insecurity in your life!

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