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“Your Life Is NOT Finished. You Keep Living!”

This time last year I listened to the same video like 20 times a day- I’m not kidding. “Your life is not finished. You keep living.” became my motto. I woke up every morning to see those words written on the white board in my room and repeated them over and over again. By the grace of God and tokens of encouragement like the video I am sharing with you all in this post, I am in a radically different place today.

Please take a moment to listen to the video “Your Life Isn’t Over” by Trenton Shelton, then continue reading! It will make a difference in how you perceive this whole message I assure you! 😉

I came across this video one night on Instagram when I was laying in bed dreading another sleepless night that I was certain I’d face. I felt like God did not hear or see me. It felt like my prayers got lost somewhere on the way to Him. Whenever I came across this video, it was like the communication barrier between me and God was broken. The words that Trenton Shelton so perfectly strung together were exactly what my heart needed to hear. I firmly believe that God used Trenton Shelton as a messenger for me so that I could audibly hear what the Lord wanted me to in a time when I needed it the most.

I remember feeling like my life was o-v-e-r. I remember feeling like I had nothing left to live for. I remember feeling like I would never get through the circumstances and feelings that I faced during that time. I remember the first time I came across this video and all of the times I played it on loop after that. I remember the tears, sleepless nights, and desperately clinging to God and any token of encouragement and hope that I could find. As I remember these times and think about how far God has brought me since they occurred, my heart is stirred to share this video and a message of hope with you all.

As Trenton Shelton puts it in his video, I promise you that your life is NOT finished. By the grace and helping hands of God, you CAN keep living. There is no situation that His power can’t penetrate and radically change. No heartbreak, conflict, mental illness, addiction, or negative thought is too big for God. Absolutely nothing is worth giving up on life for. When your situation feels like it’s too much for you, know that nothing is too much for our All-Powerful God. Give everything you have to God and then give it time. Healing and restoration comes in GOD’S timing. There is hope for you yet! How do I know? Because now I can listen to this video with a completely healed heart and restored life and say that every aspect of it is true. I can shout the words on that one part of the video that says, “God did it for me”. I wholeheartedly believe that He can do it for you too.

Keep the faith. Keep waking up and fighting. Keep trusting God. You’ve got this! 🙂 ❤

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