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Quit Talking The Talk! God Doesn’t Want Your Lip Service; He Wants Your Heart and Life Service!

Welcome 🙂

Thank you for clicking whatever link that you clicked to get you to this very post! I am so glad you are here, and I hope that you will enjoy some more truth with me this week!

In Times of Trouble

Whenever we are in trouble or walking through something hard, our first instinct is always to cling to something or someone for help, strength, or comfort.

Far too many times we always look to the wrong places for the things we need and want in our times of trouble. We look to other people, alcohol and drugs, our own abilities, etc.

However, sometimes we do get it right. Sometimes we go to God, the Ultimate Helper, Strengthener, and Comforter!

Let’s take a little look into a situation much like this in the Bible….

The Israelites had been in slavery and sought God for His help. He freed them from Egypt and rescued them from their troubles, but it wasn’t long before the Israelites turned their backs on God and began living for themselves after they got what they needed.

This was unacceptable to God, so He began to start killing the Israelites, starting with their strongest men and young men.

In a time of trouble once more, the Israelites turned to God for His help and mercy, but there was one problem…

When God began killing them, they finally sought him. They repented and took God seriously. Then they remembered that God was their rock, that God Most High was their redeemer. But all they gave him was lip service; they lied to him with their tongues. Their hearts were not loyal to him. Psalms 78: 34-37 (NLT)

Whenever I read those 3 verses, I imagine the Israelites being so helpless and making different promises to God like “If you just stop killing our men, I promise you we will praise you forever!” or maybe “Please have mercy on us! We repent of everything we’ve done and promise to live for you!”

Then I also think back to times in my life when I have said similar things to God… “Lord, if you just let this one thing go my way, I promise I will get my life right!” or “God PLEASE fix this one thing, then I will live for you!”

The problem with promises like those is that that they are a bunch of baloney. We say a whole lot of words that we think God wants to hear in order to get what we want, but most times, our hearts are not in alignment with what we say!

I have a whole lot that I can say about making promises like that to God, but we will save that for another blog post. This week is about lip service my friends.

What Is Lip Service?

My definition of lip service is when the words that we say are favorable to God and are in alignment with Him but aren’t in alignment with our hearts and the way that we live.

That’s what was happening in Psalms 78. The Israelites were giving God a whole lot of lip service. They made a whole lot of empty promises and said all of the right things, but their hearts were still not after God. They were still living for themselves. The things they said did not align with their hearts or how they lived. If you continue to read Psalms 78-79, you will see how displeasing and angering their lip service was to God.

As I was reading those verses during my morning quiet time with God, I felt so convicted! How many times have I been like the Israelites making empty promises just to get what I want and need from God? How many times have I been one to say all of the right things but have parts of my heart that don’t necessarily align with what I’m saying? How many times have I talked the talked but didn’t necessarily walk the walk? How many times have I said, “God you have ALL of my heart and my life is yours!”, when in reality, I still lived partly for my own ambition and desires.

All I can say is WOW. I am a hypocrite! Lord forgive me for my own blindness to this plank in my eye! Forgive me for the times when I have given you lip service instead of HEART and LIFE service!

Weekly Challenge

I challenge you all to take a look at your heart and life today. Does your heart and the way you’re living align with the words that you exchange with God and about God to others? Are you walking the walk or simply talking the talk? Are you serving God with your heart and life or simply giving Him lip service?

If you find yourself realizing that you’ve been giving a little more lip service than heart and life service like I have, then I challenge you to repent of this sin and way of living with me! I challenge you to be more intentional in making sure that your heart and the life you live is in alignment with your words and with God!

Goodbye ❤

Thank you for joining me in some more truth this week! It’s not always easy, but I am so glad that you took the time to read this week’s post! Have a blessed week!

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